Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update, and summer. I'M BACK! :)

Eeekk. It's been soooo long since I last posted! May has just been super busy for me, with exams, cheerleading tryouts, and just a bunch of tests and projects...but school ends on tuesday for me and the stress is gone which means I can be fully dedicated to my blog! :)
I'm definitely going to make loads of posts today and this week and the rest of summer hopefully. :)
Uhm, hopefully I can post a haul later today for you guys because I've been hauling alot, and just not posting it.
But my hiatus is over and I am no longer M.I.A. so yay! Anyways, love you guys, and buh bye! :)

Love & Peace,

Here's a song I've been obssessed with recently.... f(x) is soo cute. I love their music. They're sm's new girl group and amber....well...amber is just gorgeous. Girl crush anyone? :)

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