Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair History! :) (Warning, Image heavy!)

So, I decided to do a post on the history of my hair, from when I was born to now!
I really wanted to do a post that prevented me from taking photos, and this one is it...because I already have the photos. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)
Yup, that's me as a baby....pale, blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair....
the cuteness didn't last long though, haha.
I wanna say this was my first day of like 1st or 2nd grade, I really didn't have hair at all, this was my hair in natural form...It was a dark sandy blonde color, really curly, and really short, and it didn't really change until about 3rd grade (i know, I looked like a boy for like 3 years of elementary).
This was me around 3rd grade (I know really bad picture quality sorry). I finally grew some hair, and it was the same color, and still curly, but I could pull it into a ponytail abit haha. I know, my teeth were jacked up back then.
This was right around 4th and 5th, as you can see, I did have EXTREMELY tight curly hair earlier in life. It was really long then too. I would say this is best my hair has ever looked curly, and sadly I do regret perming my hair at that point, because now looking my I think my  curls are beautiful...but I doubt my hair will ever get that curly again. :(
Then I permed my hair at the end of 5th grade and died it with copper highlights....
Yeah, that was the myspace phase of my life, so ignore the horribly poser look. O_O. Anyways, this was my hair color around 6th grade...basically a copper, caramel brown. And my hair always looked really fried. The top photo is when my hair looked it's healthiest, longest, and straightest. So yeah....
Then.... I went through a hair craze.....
I changed my hair about 4-5 times all in 7th grade... WARNING, SCARY HAIR IMAGES AHEAD...hahaha.
Uhm, around the start of 7th grade. I kept the color of my hair and kept my bangs, but got long layers in my hair.
Cut my bangs into straight forward bangs....BIG REGRET..i wish someone had told me that I looked like an idiot before I did it....still the same color.
Excuse the weird pose, anyways, my bangs finally grew out and my hair color had mostly faded to a sandy brown color.
Then I let my bangs grow out and cut them into side swept ones again, and died my hair back to copper.
Then the bad hair came.....
...I became obsessed with scene hair...cut a million layers in my hair, died the tips blonde, kept major side swept bangs, and chopped all my hair off. Dear jesus, what was i thinking?!?!?!
And, then thank god...I got my sanity back and I let all my hair grow out and let my bangs grow out to a normal length. And died my hair back to caramel/copper brown....
Then, that was basically my hair all through 8th and for a while after...
This is the most recent picture of can't see the color but I dyed my hair dark brown (I recently re-dyed it black-brown).  And it's right past my shoulders (I chopped bout and inch off from 8th grade). And my bangs have grown out and basically I just push them back.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this, fairly interesting and equally scary post. haha. Well thanks for reading!

Peace & Love,

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