Friday, February 5, 2010

What!? No Will Power!? First Vlog like Blog...not beauty. :)

(Warning, not really a beauty related post -- If you in fact did not read the title)
Okay, so i've officially decided I have no will power.
Like i'm one of those people that change styles and ideas so often that I can never really stick to one thing at a time.
Like...I completely stopped Project 10 Pan before it even began.
I've had so many blogs created and deleted, that it's a shock I've had this one for so long.
You don't even wanna know, how many times i've tried to go on a health kick....
Well, I suppose I'm trying it again...hmm.
I seriously sorta laugh at myself, everytime I decide to try, because I know I'll just kick it again in about a week.
So yeah. I haven't touched Wii Fit in a while so I'm going to try that.
I'm going to also start packing a healthy lunch to eat.
I'm going to eat in moderation.
I'm going to drink more water.
I'm going to get my fair share of exercise.
I'm going to eat healthier meals during the day.
I also wanna say that to me, being healthy includes like every aspect of the body.
So, I would really like to try the Tresemme Thermal Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner 
(which I've heard amazing things about) and the Healthy Sexy Hair Chocolate Soymilk Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner to get my hair back.
Also, I've decided to stop using that trusty old flat iron that keeps calling me back. I straighten my hair like every day and my ends are horrible. I recently did japanese straightening on my hair (it was in my January favorites post) and my hair now air drys somewhat frizzy but only a little wavy with no product in I figured I wanna find out a way to get away the frizz and keep the cute waves so that I don't have to try and straighten my hair all the time. NO MORE HEAT PRODUCTS ON MY HAIR. I've wanted long hair since I could remember and about 2 years ago, I chopped alot off. I just really want long hair, so the first step is getting healthy hair.
So...after healthy hair comes healthy skin.
The only thing that really works on my skin to keep away acne is Stridex, and I've started using the maximum version.
But, I really want to get in the habit of like a skincare routine, not specifically one that contains alot of products, but I really want to do the whole shabang (shuh-bang). I wanna find a good toner, exfoliator, weekly mask, cleanser, make up remover, and moisturizer. So if you have any ones that you really like let me know. :)
Of course then comes healthy body in general.
I know I talked about eating healthy and exercising up above...
But, when you eat healthy and you knock out some unhealthy foods or just meats or something to that effect, then you lose alot of needed vitamins, protein, iron, calcium, and alot of those healthy things that your body needs to function properly.
So, I really want to find some multivitamin pills (I've heard Women's One A Day is really good) and also some acai berry teas (organic preferably), I want to try the HempShake from Nutiva, and I wanna get some Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills.
And like, I have lots of stomach issues and such (I've gone to the doctor like a million times and all they've managed to do is give me 20 choices to what it could be, draw like 200 pints of blood, and yeah) and I've found that certain foods REALLY tear my stomach up, so I really want to knock milk (or atleast real milk, I wanna try soymilk and such) out of my diet, and like dairy products, which shouldn't be hard because I hate cheese and I don't drink alot of milk anyways.
And I want to kick chocolate and greasy foods out.
I tend to get really bad stomach pains when I eat anything like that, so we'll see if I stop if it makes me feel better.
The doctor did tell me I could me lactose intolerant and I figure this will tell me if I am or not. :)

I dunno how long this little kick of mine will last, but we'll see.
Oh and I thought I would like update you guys every so often to let you know how I'm doing on it...and maybe some product reviews of what I try.
I don't want my blog to turn into Health Nutz online, but I figure if something is making me look and feeler better than it's technically beauty related.
If I do stick to this...and people start to like and request these posts, then I might make a separate blog for it...but as of right now I'm not.
I also figure...making posts will motivate me because then I won't wanna slack off because i'll want something
report back to you with. :)

Random "What!? No Will Power!? First Vlog like Blog...not beauty." Blog, Over & Out.
P.S. I would like to mention that all together i've made 12.37 on cash pirate....since I last talked to you guys...which was earlier today...I made 5.00 today alone. So yeah. I'm making money honey! :)
P.S.S. It's like 2:15 a.m. so If this post sounds loopy or has some mistakes forgive me...i'm running on hungry and tired right now.

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