Friday, April 2, 2010

My Birthday Celebration! :)

So...if you read my recent update post, you'll know that i'm trying to do more vlogs...or blogs...that are like vlogs...? I don't know. Anyways, I figured this would be nice start to kick it off, so here's what I did on Sunday the 28th...the day before my birthday! :)

I had a really small birthday this year, It was just me, my two best friends, and my mother. We went to a small local dumpling store and got dumplings, pork hot buns, noodles, and soup....all of which were AMAZING! Anyways, yeah, and there we just did presents and cake. :)
(btw, there aren't alot because most of them turned out bad.)
This was the present from my friend candace. Haha, the wrapping was hard to get off, but it was sooooooo cute and springy! Anyways... I just wore a blue frilly top over a black tank with silver hoops and neutral makeup.
After getting it open....
I got really happy because she ended up getting me a HUGE cupcake mug. Shockhorror. If you didn't know...there are two things that I'm obssessed with in the world....Hello Kitty...and Cupcakes. Like, literally OBSESSED. Anyways, so it was like love at first site with it...and inside were some cherry sours in a hello kitty tin....this is why she's my best friend. haha. I loved it...she also gave me OPI Russian Navy nail polish, and some jewelry. :)
Best picture I could find of it... :/

Then...I opened my best friend Bexx's presents, and it was soo cute. She made me a poster that had all our past memories on it, from like A-Z (i've been best friends with her for 9 years of my life). Then the card was like this...
with 15 dollars in cash. She is pretty darn creative. Then she gave me an NYC Eyelash Curler...which I LOVE! And NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny, because everyone raves about it, so she figured I would love it...which I do! :) No pictures of that but still.

Last picture...
Haha, all of us with the fish...yesh...they had fish there...Candace said they jumped at her...hahahaha.
So from left to right there's Bexx, Me, and Candace. I're jealous...because we're so cool. Hehe.
I love my friends more than anyone possibly could know, I've been best friends with Bexx for 9 years and best friends with Candace for 2 years. We'll be best friends forever...I know it! :)
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the post about my birthday and disclaimer:: I definitely wasn't trying to brag...promise.
Birthday haul soon! Possibly tomorrow, Sunday at the latest.

The weather recently has been amazing too!! It's been sunny non-stop at 87 degrees. Time to tan...haha. :)

Birthday Celebration Post, Over & Out.

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