Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poindexter Tutorial! Fun Pink, Orange, and Yellow Look! :)

I did this look a while ago when I thought about starting a youtube channel (which I didn't start haha).
It's just a really colorful, fun look and I'll tell you how I did it! :)
Gosh my eyebrows look soooo ungroomed.....-_-
All the colors used came from my 'Profusion Glamifeye 36 Color Eyeshadows Palette' unless otherwise stated.
1) I put eye primer on, you can use any brand that you prefer, I used a homemade one.
2) I put a hot pink cream shadow all over my lid up to my crease and blended out the harsh lines well.
3) Then I packed a hot pink eyeshadow all over my lid up to my crease, to make it really pigmented you can wet your brush first, I didn't though.
4) Then take a yellow color and blend it into your crease in to the pink a bit and also blend it upwards (if that makes sense, need be look at the photo). This should create a really light orange tint inbetween the yellow and the pink.
5) Now take a bright orange color and place it inbetween the two colors to brighten the orange tint.
6) Blend out all harsh lines.
7) Take a black eyeshadow color and blend it into the outer 'V' to give some depth to the look.
8) Blend out the harsh lines again.
9) Add a highlight to your brow bone. I used Model Co. Color Box Shadow in Antiqua.
10) Add a light white color (preferably with a pink undertone) to your inner corner.
11) Line your eyes and add mascara. I used Wet N' Wild Mega Liner in Black, NYC Brow/Liner Pencil in Jet Black and Wet N' Wild Mega Protein Mascara. :)
12) You're done! I'd pair this look up with a nice peach or orange blush and a nude lipstick. :)

Hope you enjoyed this, sorry for no step by step photos....-_-
Fun eye tutorial, Over & Out.