Thursday, December 24, 2009

elf products, make me smile. :)

I finally ordered my elf products yesterday and they just got shipped out! YAYY! So, here are the things that I ordered.

So, first I ordered a concealer brush from their regular line. I got this because I don't actually own any concealer brushes yet...haha. I'm late on the brush bandwagon. It was $1.00.

Then I got the blending brush from their regular line because I only own 1 blending brush and it's horrible. I've heard sooo many good things about this, so I figured I'd try it out. It was $1.00.

I also ordered a liquid eyeliner from elf. This one is called Stardust and it's a clear iridescent liner with glitter in it. I just wanted to try it out because I've been wanting a glitter liner lately. It was also $1.00.

Of course I HAD to get something from their studio line. So, I got the eyebrow kit in light because one, I don't have any gels or powders for my eyebrows, I only have my eyebrow pencil which isn't that great, and two, the packaging on these things intrigue me....NARS, anyone? This was $3.00. you probably have heard by now..the elf studio line brushes are supposed to be magical...especially this studio powder brush. It's a flat top brush that's supposed to be comparable to the MAC 187 (I think). So I actually picked up 2 of these because I've heard sooo many goods things about it. So..I got one for my liquid foundation and I got one for my setting powder, blush, bronzer and basically all my powder things. So each one was $3.00 and I got I paid $6.00.

So I spent $12.00 and then instead of paying 7 extra dollars for shipping, I got a coupon code "EH198SHIP" that ends the 31st and I used it to get $1.98 basically deducted 4 dollars. My grand total was then $13.98. So...I'm ordering more things tonight...and then going shopping expect a giant haul post coming in the next week or two. :)

show and tell, over & out.

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