Sunday, December 20, 2009

haul and major update! it's christmas time in the city. (extremely long post) :)

Hey guys! So, It's winter break from school!...thank goodness, i've had to write so many essays recently, I thought I was going to die...haha. But, it is winter break now, so we don't go back until January 5th. Anyways, this post is like the smallest haul ever (basically little Christmas presents from my best friends...some of it isn't even makeup related). But, before that I basically wanna update you guys on what's going on and what's going to be going on. As I said before, we just got out for winter break and the day we got out it started snowing like crazy, we got 2 feet of snow! It's not even fun....people got stuck on the roads and such. So, we've been working like crazy to get it out of the roads and our drive way and sidewalk. our yard is untouched though, so one it melts we'll have another thing to deal with. So, I'm not really going anywhere till' Christmas because of that.
Anyways, I've really been planning out what I want to get with the money that i'm recieving from family for Christmas. I'm planning on getting japanese thermal straightening done on my hair (because if you didn't know, my hair is naturally curly, and i'm hoping to do the Bio-Ionic hair system straightening. So, i'm getting that done and then I'm buying hair extensions! Yayyy!
I'm getting my hair extensions from a UK seller named foxylocksextensions. I'm getting them off their website and they're about 50 pounds which translates to roughly 90 dollars USD including shipping over seas. I've heard extremely good reviews on them and the seller gives returns and such incase something's wrong with them. They're remy human hair, 120 grams, 20 inches (WOAH!), and they are 10 pieces which is most than I can say for other brands, I researched like crazy trying to find the perfect ones. Anyways, i'm getting them in darkest brown or chocolate brown for my hair, so i'm excited bout' that.
Then i'm getting about 216 swarovski crystal rhinestones in rose, 16ss size and a pink hard phone case for my samsung instinct and i'm going to put some crystals on it so that I can have a super cute cell phone! :)
I'm going to then pick up some Elf products from the website and such.
A week after Christmas I'm planning on going shopping with some of my best friends and getting lunch with them. So, i'll hopefully get some stuff from Sephora (because we got one in our mall a few months back and i've yet to buy anything there!) and some clothes. So, ya'll should be expecting some major haulness and reviews in about 2 weeks.
So...enough blabbering! I got this stuff from CVS when I went to dinner with friends, onto my small mini (almost non-makeup related) haul!
Here's the makeup items first!

yeah...see? pathetic little non-makeup buying slob i am. :)
So basically i've picked up 2 nail polishes. I got a petites crystal clear nail polish because i needed a new top coat (which i love because it makes my nails so shiny!). I also got a Sinful Colors Professional polish in Rich in Heart. Which you can see below:

So...this bottle...LIES! In the photo above you can see this really beautiful dark ruby color with red shimmer sparkles in it, which is why I got it (because i thought it would be a lovely unique christmas color), but truth is...this color and product is horrible! The color comes off on my nails as a musky brown color with slight red tint to it (when i like turn my nail sideways!) and the product was chipping like crazy even with the top coat on it! So, as for the product I might buy it again because the color came off pigmented and except for the chipping it was nice and smooth and for 1.99 at CVS it was great. They also had a really nice color selection!
...another item that I got is actually a present for my best friend named Alexis. We've been friends for all my life (since I started kindergarten actually!). I made her gift and we've yet to exchange them, but i'm going to give hers to her when she gives me mine...haha. Here it is!

So, you can't really see the colors there, but it's a really pretty periwinkle blue color for most of it. So, basically I was inspired by Enkore and all the other makeup gurus on youtube. It's a brush holder because she has loads of nice MAC brushes and has to keep them in a toothbrush holder because she never found a brush holder. So, I basically went to Micheals and got a glass vase for $10, big blue fillers for $5, small clear fillers for $4, and some really thick pretty blue antique looking ribbon for $2. So all together I paid about 20 dollars for everything, then i went home and layered the beads then added the ribbon and a bow (which i have yet to glue on...hence why i'm holding it up to it in the photo). Anyways, I was going to put some other items up, but I might just make a seperate post tomorrow for them. So I hope you enjoyed this post....and i'll see you guys later!
update and haul, over & out.

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