Sunday, December 27, 2009

shopping is happy-making. :)

Another show and tell, anyone?
I just got home from shopping and immediately took pictures of what I got so that I could show you guys! :)
So, first we went to the mall and I stopped in JcPenney first...
I got a purse! :D
My other Sacco purse was literally falling apart, despite paying 30 dollars for So, I picked up this absolutely gorgeous purse for $50.00! :)

It's an absolutely beautiful purse. I love it because of it's color and style. It reminds me of Demi Lovato (one of my idols) because it has the chain across the front and zippers and stuff...haha. It's this really unique light charcoal grey color too. :)
Then we went to Body Central...MY NEW FAVORITE STORE! and all their jewelry was $3.90 so I got some pretty pieces of jewelry.

As you can see, I got 2 necklaces and some bracelets. The bracelets are just like bangles that came in one thingy connected (does that confuse you?) and they're like silver, black, and then one is like black with silver squares on it. Then I got a big teardrop shaped crystal necklace on a long chain. And favorite necklace...I got this adorable black owl necklace on a long chain...and the owl is like huge! :)
Excuse the bad nails...when I finish doing this post I'm going to redo them... :P
Then...I went to Wet Seal and found two really cute items.

I got this really cute black and white striped cardigan that was originally $20 for $3.90! :) Great deal right? Then of course I had to get a black cami to go underneath it...haha. It was $6.50.
Then last stop of the day, we went to Rite-Aid and I picked up a few makeup items.
First I got 3 nail polishes...remember the Sinful Colors I talked about a few posts back? Well I got 3 more of them....hehe...despite the bad review I gave it.
I got San Fransisco (a really pretty dark sparkly green color), Black on Black (plain black...because I needed another one), and Vacation Time (a really nice creme pinky nude color).

Then I picked up some NYC products because they were buy one get one 50%. So I got a liquid lip shine, because everyone's been raving about them in Dusty Rose, and I got a volumizing mascara.

So, that's it for todayyy! I'm plannin another shopping trip for this Saturday, I ordered hair extensions that should be in tomorrow, I'm getting my hair thermally straightened soon, I ordered some Benefit stuff from Sephora, and my Elf stuff should be in yeah, loads of hauls coming up this week. :)

Show and tell, over & out.

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