Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(review) acrylic nails are a pain. :(

So, I decided to try out some acrylic nails by Kiss..and boy were they a pain. The liquid acrylic made my entire upstairs smell extremely strong and chemical. Everyone that walked upstairs could smell it even after I closed the bottle. I used the instructions only, and this is my first time doing acrylics on myself, so yeah. Personally, I think they came out alright....but they are still rough even after a top coat. I think i'll try to buff them and file them down today. But they came out goodish. Here's the result:

1. The liquid acrylic smells nails smelt extremely strong until the next morning.
2. They have a weird matte finish not a shiny finish.
3. I definitely regret purchasing it.

1. Price, it's only 10.00.
2. It comes with 20 natural tips and 20 white french tips.
3. It comes with easy to understand instructions.

Basically that's it...I wouldn't recommend this because I regretted purchasing it...but, it's up to you.

review, over & out.

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